The CEMES laboratory is a centre of excellence in nanosciences whose expertise in TEM lies in the following areas :


  • Cs-corrected high-resolution TEM.
  • In-situ experiments (heating and/or straining stages)
  • EELS & EFTEM experiments
  • Quantitative CBED and LACBED
  • Holography (Cs corrected high-resolution holography and medium resolution holography for magnetic materials)
  • Data acquisition and data processing (development of new CCD detectors, image processing software)

The CEMES laboratory will provide access to the following instruments:



200 kV F20-SACTEM Tecnai


  • a Cs corrected microscope a 200 kV F20-SACTEM Tecnai fitted with an energy filter GIF-Tridiem, rotatable electrostatic biprism and a 2K x 2K multiscan CCD camera 


SACTEM : F20 FEI & CEOS corrector




  • a JEM-2010 microscope a high contrast with 1300 x 600 Megaview III camera for in situ experiments


Jeol  2010


FIB Focused Ion Beam Facility


  • a FIB sample preparation equipment: dual beam Zeiss / OrsayPhysics XB1540 


Dual beam FIB Zeiss / OrsayPhysics  


The XB1540 Focused Ion Beam bridges the gap between nanocharacterization and nanomachining by combining a high resolution field-emission scanning electron microscope with a focused ion beam. Uniting these techniques in a single instrument allows users to seamlessly switch from secondary electron imaging to precision ion milling and ion-beam assisted material deposition and selective etching. Five gas injection systems will allow for platinum/Tungsten deposition and selective etching of carbon, metals, and oxides.