Activity leader
Dr. Martin Hÿtch
29, rue Jeanne Marvig,
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This activity contributes to implement a widely accepted policy of standards and figures of merit at the nanoscale. The aim is to produce European methodologies and protocols for the measurement of specific quantities (spatial, physical, and chemical), to develop necessary equipment and software, and to establish defined accuracies. A set of internal standards will be elaborated and made available to all partners in ESTEEM and beyond. The specific aims are the following:


  • standardised measurements of nanoscale quantities: develop protocols for the measurement specific spatial, physical and chemical specimen characteristics, including associated software and case studies.
  • standardised protocols for the evaluation and calibration of equipment: develop methods of characterising performance of microscopes, detectors and auxiliary equipment.
  • elaboration and management of physical standards: create and maintain a bank of test specimens with known physical and chemical characteristics for nanoscale measurement
  • metrology and precision: develop the theory of measurement in electron microscopy, optimise experimental design, create common evaluation criteria and figures of merit, determine theoretical accuracy and limits.

A bank of internal standards will allow microscopy facilities to test their equipment, methods and software, and to provide training. Through equipment evaluation, closer contacts will develop with manufacturers of new and existing instrumentation, allowing for immediate feedback and identification of future needs and improvements. Optimised and standardised measurement will benefit industrial partners providing a common language for materials evaluation and characterisation. No real standards are existing at this moment.