Universidad de Cadiz


The Electron Microscopy Division at the University of Cádiz started to provide scientific services to research groups in 1989. Currently it is backed up by a number of groups working in a variety of fields ranging from Materials Science, Biology to Environmental Sciences.



Within the field of Materials Science, currently the most active area, research interest focuses in nanoparticle containing materials, mainly in applications related to Heterogeneous Environmental Catalysis, semiconducting materials and devices and metallic materials. 



The Division comprises 3 Transmission Electron Microscopes (JEOL2011 LaB6, JEOL2010F, JEOL1200EX), 3 Scanning Electron Microscopes (FEI Quanta 200, FEI Sirion, JEOL820) as well as 2 fully equipped sample preparation labs (materials science and biological samples).



Our research efforts are directed to push and exploit Transmission Electron Microscopy techniques as tools in Materials Chemistry. We are particularly interested in the bulk, surface and interface structure, understanding structure in the widest sense, of nanometer-sized metal and oxide particles as well as their chemical reactivity.