25/09/2017 - 12:57
UPS - Université Paris Sud


The research activities of the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides cover a larger field than suggested by its title (“Laboratory of Solid State Physics”). The physics of the condensed matter is in effect addressed in all its diversity, even if we willingly gather our activities into three main topics, each one involving roughly the same number of researchers:


  1. New electronic states of the matter
  2. Physical phenomena with reduced dimensions
  3. Soft matter and physics-biology interface


Topic 1: theoretical and experimental studies, related to the properties of correlated fermions (superconductivity, magnetism, metal-insulator transition, and so on).
Topic 2: studies related to “nanosciences”, broadly speaking. They are tackled from the point of view of fundamental properties, when the dimensions of an object become as small as certain characteristic distances (coherence length, mean free path,...)
Topic 3: studies of “soft matter” including biological systems. Topics range from complex systems to living tissues, from liquid crystals to foams, passing through polymers or granular systems. These studies are often at the interface with physical chemistry and biology.